June 2015 Empties


Dr. Bronners Magic Organic Shaving Gel in Unscented

I’ve gone through a couple of these and have already repurchased this. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it here but I am allergic to aloe and this was the first aloe-free shaving product I found and so I’ve stuck with it. The consistency is odd at first, it’s a gel that is slippery (similar to the Dr. Bronners Magic Soap) and you have to lather it up right away or it will drip off and down the drain! Getting used to that was tricky but I love how moisturizing and gentle it is on my skin. If you prefer, it comes in other scents much like the Magic Soap like Lavender and Tea Tree. I purchase mine from my local Noah’s but it is readily available online and at most health stores.

Dr. Hauschka Jojoba and Marshmellow Conditioner

I previously mentioned this in my May Empties. This has a thin and runny formula. Similar to the shaving gel above actually. I personally loved it, I found it moisturizing but not overly so and easy to rinse clean. It also has a sweet smell which I would attribute to the marshmellow extract. As mentioned in my last post my fiancee hated it and said it didn’t moisturize at all. For reference my hair is very thick and normal but dryer at the ends and his is thin and normal but I suppose he likes heavier conditioners! My friend actually told me this is one of the few items she had returned to Whole Foods and she really has to be unimpressed with something to take the time to return it. Without being too long winded here – I would repurchase this for myself but since I try to share products to cut down on space in the shower, I won’t be running out for it anytime soon. I found this at one of my favourite stores in Toronto – The Big Carrot. They have a big and beautiful personal care and beauty section every beauty junkie should check out!

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Gel & Makeup Remover

This will be a sad review because this cleanser was recently reformulated when OLO became Ecocert Certified. I loved this cleanser so much, I could massage a few pumps on my face and rinse with warm water and all my makeup would come off with little effort. I reordered it without realizing that it had been reformulated and find the newer one to be thicker and harder to wash off. It is still a lovely cleanser that is nourishing and gentle but it requires more than just water to remove, you need a muslin cloth or konjac sponge. To read more about the reformulation check out the replies in the latest No More Dirty Looks Morning Routine.

Province Apothecary Cleanser (sample size)

I have featured and mentioned this previously and after calling it a “beauty fail” after discovering the cleanser above, I have changed my mind about it again! Two weeks ago I had an incredible experience going for a custom facial with Julie (the owner and founder of Province Apothecary). I am going to write a separate post about the facial and why I like the cleanser now so stay tuned.

Graydon Face Food Mist toner

At first I wasn’t digging this toner. I was all about the La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs (and still am) due to it’s intense moisturizing abilities. Made of water, copper, silver and zinc this is not your typical toner. It’s meant to be used before or after your moisturizers. The copper creates collagen, silver kills germs and zinc helps fight topical infection. On my good skin days I didn’t notice much of an effect but anytime I was experiencing clogged pores or a breakout this healed my skin much quicker. I will be repurchasing this for those bad skin days but it’s not something I would use everyday. You can find Graydon at many health food stores in Toronto like the Big Carrot or online at my favourite shop Clementine Fields.

S. W. Basics Toner

This is another repurchased item for me and a must have for those days when I’m breaking out. It’s especially great after a hot day in the summer to really get your skin clean. I find it slightly drying and so I would recommend it for more oiler skin types and breakout prone skin. It can be too intense for my dry skin and is not something I can use on a daily basis. It serves it’s purpose for healing blemishes and getting every last trace of makeup off your face. I generally buy this from Jacob and Sebastian another one of my favourite shops in Toronto.

Odacite Pure Elements Pa+G Serum Concentrate (Papaya-Geranium) for Hyperpigmentation

I used to ignore the whole Odacite line while shopping at the Detox Market because I thought all their products were aloe based and yes, they have aloe in many of their products. Then I discovered their Pure Elements line, a collection of serum concentrates “skin boosters” that you can use full force or mixed with another serum or moisturizer for specific problems. Each booster is meant to be used for 30 consecutive days. Pa+G was the first one I tried and this was my third bottle so you know I loved it! Pa+G targets hyperpigmentation. I am one of those lucky people that even though I never pick at my skin, I am still left with a red mark afterwards a blemish. I noticed a difference halfway through my first bottle and continue to buy this because of my results.

Odacite Pure Elements Jo+L Serum Concentrate (Jojoba-Lavender) for Clogged Pores

Since I loved the above serum so much I decided to try a few other ones. This was the next one I bought and I targeted it on my T-Zone. I initially was going to buy the Bl+C (Black Cumin-Cajeput) for Pimples but since I don’t really breakout on a regular basis and have dry skin I was steered to this one instead. To be honest I didn’t notice a difference in my skin but it also didn’t irritate my skin at all. The Detox Market kindly gave me a sample of the Bl+C one which I ended up finding more effective and ended up purchasing.

Odacite Pure Elements Ap+P (Apricot-Palmarosa) for Fragile Capillaries

Another issue I have with my skin is that I have a lot of redness around my nose due to broken capillaries. I know nothing topical will really make much of a difference but I decided to try this serum anyway. I did notice my skin around my nose was much calmer using this serum and so I plan on repurchasing it in the near future.

All the serum concentrates I have tried are gentle and non irritating to the skin due to their oil bases and are lovely for dry skinned gals like myself. I haven’t finished my Bl+C one yet but it’s already one I know I will be repurchasing once I run out! View the whole collection on the Odacite website here.

That’s all for the month of June! Have you used any of these products? Anyone else allergic to aloe like me?

xo Yumi Rae

June 2015 Empties

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