Fall 2018 Skincare

This is the time of year when my skin goes crazy. It’s dry, irritated and itchy. After a few weeks of trying different combinations of products this is what’s currently keeping my face as happy as it can be.

Cleanser: MV Organics Cream (day), One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil (night)

Toner: Tammy Fender Rose Water or Graydon Skin Food

Oil: African Botanic’s Marula Oil

Cream: Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Cream

Balm: Laurel’s Face Balm or May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

Mask: May Lindstorm Honey Mud


Fall 2018 Skincare

Product Spring Cleaning Part 2

It’s almost summer and here I am finishing my Spring Cleaning post.

After going through my hair and skin products I came across a lot of things I bought specifically for my wedding aka conventional products. I am not perfect and if there is a day to use these products that was the day I was willing to “relapse”. These were things I used to use on a daily basis like Bumble and Bumble’s Prep Spray which helps tame bangs and Paula’s Choice BHA liquid which makes blackheads miniscule. Can I live without these? I did for years so yes!

I also found lots of samples. In every drawer, makeup bag, under the sink, scattered all over my vanity. If you’re like me and do most of your shopping online you are probably used to receiving samples with every order. I collected them up and began the daunting task of looking up every individual samples ingredients online, as they aren’t usually listed. Ones that had expired, didn’t interest me or had an ingredient I am allergic to were thrown out or given away. The rest I’m keeping in the bathroom so I make use of them. Funnily enough I don’t enjoy bringing samples with me on trips unless it’s something I have used before. Just in case I have a reaction.

Here are my spring cleaning rules:

Pull out all your products and organize them into categories: cleansers, toners, oils, blushes, lipsticks and so on. 

Go through each pile and ask yourself these two questions:

Do you love and use this?

If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no, get rid of it.

When did you buy it?

If you can’t remember buying it in the past year, toss it. Especially if you are buying all natural products the downside is they expire quicker. The products you have and are still good but don’t necessarily like you can give away to friends or keep in a guest bathroom. If there is an oil or moisturizer that doesn’t work on my face I throw it in my purse and use it as a hand/body cream.


Try and keep all your products in the same categories in the same place. They don’t have to be in full view but when I tuck things away I forget about them or buy them again by accident. I had stuff everywhere – in my bedroom, the bathroom and the den where my vanity is. I still do but it’s more organized. Perfumes are kept in my bedroom on my dresser, makeup I keep in the den where it’s cool and skin and hair products are kept in the bathroom.


Take note of what you just got rid of. Do you keep buying oils and never use them? Do you buy a lot of lipstick but never wear it? This is important to do and will help you in the future. You could be saving that money or spending it on something you love!


Do you have any spring cleaning tips? Share them with me below!

xo Yumi Rae

Product Spring Cleaning Part 2

September – March 2016 Empties


I’ve had a lot going on the past year from planning my wedding which we had in October, my dad’s cancer diagnosis, moving and constant hospital trips. I would really love to do individual in depth reviews down the road but the empties have been piling up so here are some mini reviews for now. Continue reading “September – March 2016 Empties”

September – March 2016 Empties

Product Spring Cleaning Part 1

Clutter stresses me out and so I’ve really been trying to pare down all material things in my life. The one area that is just bursting with stuff is my beauty products arsenal. I have too much and continue to buy more even when I’m satisfied with what I’m using because what if there is something better? When I first discovered green beauty I had finally found the perfect foundation, concealer, blush, contour, etc…after years of trial and error, only to start over. I just went through my vanity to get rid of a few makeup items that I don’t love or use and were taking up prime real estate.

Number one is the majority of my Bite Beauty products. Bite Beauty have an incredible line of lip products, every finish, formula and colour you can imagine. However I am sensitive to fragrance and the smell of Bite products just make my stomach turn. I don’t know what it is and I wish it wasn’t so. It clearly didn’t stop me from buying them but after realizing I feel ill almost immediately after applying them I decided they would be the first to go. Of course everyone is different and I know there are many people who absolutely love Bite and are not bothered by their smell. These were all purchased within the past few months and so I know they haven’t gone bad and it’s just me being sensitive. Here are some swatches of the colours in case anyone is interested in the shades.


From top to bottom:

Luminous Creme Lipstick in Palomino, Luminous Creme Lipstick in Violet, Luminous Creme Lipstick in Kir Royale, BB For Lips in Flush and Luminous Creme Lipstick in Fig

Next was a quick one over of the rest of my products. The following are items past their expiry or that didn’t work for me.


  1. Lily Lolo mascara: I wanted to love this but it was too clumpy. Even after meticulously combing my lashes after my first use. I always curl before mascara and this would completely straighten out my lashes. This didn’t irritate my eyes, flake or smudge though which is a miracle so if you have sensitive eyes and your lashes stay curled you may love this.
  2. 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara: This smells incredible (like blueberries!) and makes my lashes look full and long. It doesn’t flake but it definitely smudges. Even so I have purchased this multiple times because it doesn’t irritate my eyes and I can deal with smudging.
  3. Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist concealer in 000: I’m quite pale and if you are too I’m sure you’re familiar with conventional makeup never being light enough. I’m pleased to say I have tried many green beauty shades that are too light for me which never happened before. This is one of them. I honestly forgot I had this and it has expired but was way too light for me anyway. The formula seemed nice and creamy I might try it in the future in a more suitable shade.
  4. Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit in Brunette: I admittedly bought this after seeing how great it looked on Britanie Faith – look at her brows! This was too warm toned for me and just sat in my drawer. My hair is dark brown but my eyebrows are naturally jet black. Frida by EcoBrow is my perfect shade.
  5. Crazy Cat Lady Eye of the Tiger Feliner in Black Cougar: To be honest I was turned off by this brand before I received this. The shipping to Canada is $20 USD which is insane. I emailed the company asking if it was possible to order direct through them with more reasonable shipping cost. (Their website takes you to an online store that carries the brand.) They never wrote back. I ordered anyway because Sarita Cohen raved about it and I was looking for an eyeliner for my wedding. Long story short the formula wasn’t for me, it was too dry and would flake as I applied it.
  6. Ilia Polka Dot and Moonbeams highlighter stick: This is very similar to the RMS Living Luminizer but with a drier texture. I would repurchase but at the moment am loving the Kjaer Weis Radiance which is slightly warmer.
  7. Jane Iredale Pure Brow Gel in Brunette: As with the Brow powder this was too light for me. Nice formula but I think the brush is too big. I use Glossier Boy Brow right now.
  8. Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo in Cool: This was my second purchase of this concealer. The salmon shade on the bottom is great for brightening up the eye area. The lighter top colour is way too light for me. I will repurchase again. Can anyone tell me how this compares to the Jane Iredale Circle Delete?
  9. Mineral Fusion Liquid Lip in Enlighten: This is a quite oily lip gloss but feels incredible and hydrating on the lips. The colour doesn’t come through but obviously gives the lips a nice sheen. I would repurchase.


Next up is going though my skin and hair products and piles of samples! Anyone else doing spring cleaning? What are you tossing and what are you making room for?

xo Yumi Rae

Product Spring Cleaning Part 1

August 2015 Empties

August2015E1. Dr. Bronners Magic Soap in Tea Tree

I use this mainly for washing my makeup brushes but also to wash my delicates. I tend to buy a different scent every time just to change it up. Will repurchase again and again.

2. Evan Healy Rose Petal Face Tonic HydroSoul

Gentle, effective toner. Really soothing if you have sensitive or irritated skin. Will repurchase but am currently using something new.

3. Yuli Liquid Courage

Lifesaver for breakout prone skin. I think I’ll continue to use this in the summertime when my skin is more problematic. It’s moisturizing but wouldn’t be enough for me in the fall and winter when my skin needs a bit more hydration.

4. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

I loved this but it irritates the skin if you just shaved. I decided to try a baking soda free deodorant and find that more comfortable. But if you don’t have sensitive skin this is a very effective natural deodorant.

5. Curelle’s Hydra Shampoo (not pictured)

I’ve been through many of these bottles and just repurchased this again. It’s fragrance free and lathers up like a dream. And perfect for anyone with a sensitive scalp.

What have you finished lately?

xo Yumi Rae

August 2015 Empties

My Sunday Rituals

Sundays are my favourite day of the week filled with many of my favourite things like sleeping in, brunch, grocery shopping and just being at home with my man and my kitty love. But the best part of my day is before heading to bed when I take a hot bath in epsom or himalayan salts and treat myself to some May Lindstrom skincare.


Here’s my Sunday after bath routine:

1. I cleanse my skin with The Clean Dirt, a clay cleanser. This diminishes any trace of dry flaky skin and prepares my skin for the next step which is…

2. The Honey Mud, a honey based cleanser mixed with The Problem Solver, a powder mask made of antioxidant rich cacao, healing bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, salts and warming spices. I leave this on my face for an hour or so. The longer the better in my opinion. This mask is perfect for healing blemishes and tightening pores and the honey cleanser is nourishing and gentle. The first time I did this mask I was amazed at how clear and even toned my skin looked. For oilier skin types you can probably get away with just the Problem Solver but since I have combination/dry skin type I get the best effect without drying out my skin by mixing it with the cleanser. You can also wear the Problem Solver overnight on spots to make them go away faster!


3. Finally after I’ve rinsed every last trace of the mask off, which can take awhile, I melt a generous portion of the Blue Cocoon balm in my hands and apply it all over my face. This is the stand out item in my eyes. I hesitated on purchasing this at first because of the price ($200 for 50ml) but after ordering a sample of it off Clementine Fields and seeing how much it calmed my dry and sensitive skin I decided it was well worth it.

Then I like to light a beeswax candle and watch something in bed! Ah how I love Sundays!

How do you relax on your days off and what do you like to do to pamper yourself? Let me know in the comments.

xo Yumi Rae

My Sunday Rituals

June 2015 Empties


Dr. Bronners Magic Organic Shaving Gel in Unscented

I’ve gone through a couple of these and have already repurchased this. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it here but I am allergic to aloe and this was the first aloe-free shaving product I found and so I’ve stuck with it. The consistency is odd at first, it’s a gel that is slippery (similar to the Dr. Bronners Magic Soap) and you have to lather it up right away or it will drip off and down the drain! Getting used to that was tricky but I love how moisturizing and gentle it is on my skin. If you prefer, it comes in other scents much like the Magic Soap like Lavender and Tea Tree. I purchase mine from my local Noah’s but it is readily available online and at most health stores.

Dr. Hauschka Jojoba and Marshmellow Conditioner

I previously mentioned this in my May Empties. This has a thin and runny formula. Similar to the shaving gel above actually. I personally loved it, I found it moisturizing but not overly so and easy to rinse clean. It also has a sweet smell which I would attribute to the marshmellow extract. As mentioned in my last post my fiancee hated it and said it didn’t moisturize at all. For reference my hair is very thick and normal but dryer at the ends and his is thin and normal but I suppose he likes heavier conditioners! My friend actually told me this is one of the few items she had returned to Whole Foods and she really has to be unimpressed with something to take the time to return it. Without being too long winded here – I would repurchase this for myself but since I try to share products to cut down on space in the shower, I won’t be running out for it anytime soon. I found this at one of my favourite stores in Toronto – The Big Carrot. They have a big and beautiful personal care and beauty section every beauty junkie should check out!

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Gel & Makeup Remover

This will be a sad review because this cleanser was recently reformulated when OLO became Ecocert Certified. I loved this cleanser so much, I could massage a few pumps on my face and rinse with warm water and all my makeup would come off with little effort. I reordered it without realizing that it had been reformulated and find the newer one to be thicker and harder to wash off. It is still a lovely cleanser that is nourishing and gentle but it requires more than just water to remove, you need a muslin cloth or konjac sponge. To read more about the reformulation check out the replies in the latest No More Dirty Looks Morning Routine.

Province Apothecary Cleanser (sample size)

I have featured and mentioned this previously and after calling it a “beauty fail” after discovering the cleanser above, I have changed my mind about it again! Two weeks ago I had an incredible experience going for a custom facial with Julie (the owner and founder of Province Apothecary). I am going to write a separate post about the facial and why I like the cleanser now so stay tuned.

Graydon Face Food Mist toner

At first I wasn’t digging this toner. I was all about the La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs (and still am) due to it’s intense moisturizing abilities. Made of water, copper, silver and zinc this is not your typical toner. It’s meant to be used before or after your moisturizers. The copper creates collagen, silver kills germs and zinc helps fight topical infection. On my good skin days I didn’t notice much of an effect but anytime I was experiencing clogged pores or a breakout this healed my skin much quicker. I will be repurchasing this for those bad skin days but it’s not something I would use everyday. You can find Graydon at many health food stores in Toronto like the Big Carrot or online at my favourite shop Clementine Fields.

S. W. Basics Toner

This is another repurchased item for me and a must have for those days when I’m breaking out. It’s especially great after a hot day in the summer to really get your skin clean. I find it slightly drying and so I would recommend it for more oiler skin types and breakout prone skin. It can be too intense for my dry skin and is not something I can use on a daily basis. It serves it’s purpose for healing blemishes and getting every last trace of makeup off your face. I generally buy this from Jacob and Sebastian another one of my favourite shops in Toronto.

Odacite Pure Elements Pa+G Serum Concentrate (Papaya-Geranium) for Hyperpigmentation

I used to ignore the whole Odacite line while shopping at the Detox Market because I thought all their products were aloe based and yes, they have aloe in many of their products. Then I discovered their Pure Elements line, a collection of serum concentrates “skin boosters” that you can use full force or mixed with another serum or moisturizer for specific problems. Each booster is meant to be used for 30 consecutive days. Pa+G was the first one I tried and this was my third bottle so you know I loved it! Pa+G targets hyperpigmentation. I am one of those lucky people that even though I never pick at my skin, I am still left with a red mark afterwards a blemish. I noticed a difference halfway through my first bottle and continue to buy this because of my results.

Odacite Pure Elements Jo+L Serum Concentrate (Jojoba-Lavender) for Clogged Pores

Since I loved the above serum so much I decided to try a few other ones. This was the next one I bought and I targeted it on my T-Zone. I initially was going to buy the Bl+C (Black Cumin-Cajeput) for Pimples but since I don’t really breakout on a regular basis and have dry skin I was steered to this one instead. To be honest I didn’t notice a difference in my skin but it also didn’t irritate my skin at all. The Detox Market kindly gave me a sample of the Bl+C one which I ended up finding more effective and ended up purchasing.

Odacite Pure Elements Ap+P (Apricot-Palmarosa) for Fragile Capillaries

Another issue I have with my skin is that I have a lot of redness around my nose due to broken capillaries. I know nothing topical will really make much of a difference but I decided to try this serum anyway. I did notice my skin around my nose was much calmer using this serum and so I plan on repurchasing it in the near future.

All the serum concentrates I have tried are gentle and non irritating to the skin due to their oil bases and are lovely for dry skinned gals like myself. I haven’t finished my Bl+C one yet but it’s already one I know I will be repurchasing once I run out! View the whole collection on the Odacite website here.

That’s all for the month of June! Have you used any of these products? Anyone else allergic to aloe like me?

xo Yumi Rae

June 2015 Empties

Holy Grail Product: Lina Hanson Global Face Serum


I just finished my bottle of Lina Hanson Global Face Serum and thought it was about time I write about it. I knew I had to have it after reading green celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno’s blog, The Beauty of It Is. She mentions using it to prep clients skin before makeup like she did here on the beautiful Olivia Wilde.

from LinaHanson.com:

Benefits: reduce signs of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation and skin irritation, improve complexion and skin elasticity, absorb quickly into skin and the essential oils used are known to uplift mood, relieve anxiety and promote well being.

Ingredients: andansonia digitata (baobab) seed oil, argania spinosa (argan) nut oil*, sclerocarya birrea (marula) kernel oil*, camellia oleifera (camellia) seed oil*, cucurbita maxima (pumpkin) seed oil*, bertholletia excelsa (brazil) nut oil, citrus reticulata (mandarin) oil*, non-gmo tocopherol (vitamin e), citrus aurantium amara (neroli) oil, cymbopogen martinii (palmarosa) oil*, boswellia carteri (frankincense) oil*, cananga odorata (ylang ylang) oil*, fragrance (parfum)**, citral**, limonene**, benzyl alcohol**, benzyl salicylate**, linalool**, farnesol**, eugenol**, geraniol**, benzyl benzoate**.

*Certified Organic
**From natural essential oils

100% Natural and Vegan

– Marula Oil is an antioxidant, anti aging and known to be more potent than Vitamin C in oranges.

– Baobab has been used by African women for centuries to protect their skin from the savannah desert.

– Pumpkin Seed Oil can decrease redness on the skin due to rosacea.

Read more about the benefits of all the ingredients on the Lina Hanson website here.

Price: $99 CAD

Size: 30 ml/1 fl oz

I started using it during the winter time while my skin is even more sensitive, red and dry than normal. It wasn’t enough to use on it’s own so I wore MV Organics Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturizer on top and my skin felt comfortable and wore well under my makeup.

Now that the weather has warmed up I am able to wear it on it’s own. It really plumps up my skin and provides a smooth canvas for my makeup. I apply it on damp skin and it absorbs in quickly without leaving me looking greasy. I’ll usually dry my hair after applying to let it completely absorb before applying my makeup. It wears well under powder, creme and liquid foundations. And like it claims the scent is very uplifting and happy. Best of all it doesn’t irritate my skin or cause breakouts. It keeps my skin calm and balanced.

My previous favourite daytime moisturizer before I cleaned up my products was Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I no longer miss it thanks to Lina Hanson!

Have I repurchased? Yes! The Detox Market recently had an amazing Victoria Day sale which I took full advantage of.

Have you used Lina Hanson? What are your thoughts? I’m curious to try the Body Serum next 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

xo Yumi Rae

Holy Grail Product: Lina Hanson Global Face Serum

May 2015 Empties


1. Rare El’ements Essential Conditioner

This is such a luxe conditioner and kept my hair in good shape throughout the winter. It also doubles as a great hair mask. It’s too moisturizing for me for the warmer months but as soon as fall hits I’ll be repurchasing this. And the fiancee approved of this too which is huge. We are currently using Dr Hauschka’s conditioner which he says is too thin and not conditioning. Sometimes I think he should write reviews because he’s so hard to impress 🙂

2. Lotus Wei Infinite Love Energy Mist

I’ve mentioned using the perfume of this scent which I prefer more just because the scent lasts longer. I’ve never had more compliments on the way I smell as when I’m wearing Lotus Wei. I will continue to buy this forever.

3. La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs

I’ve written about this in a previous post as well and my opinion still holds true. Although I have yet to repurchase this I will be soon. I’m trying to finish up my less favourite toners first but man, it’s hard living without this one. It hydrates and helps your serums and lotions really absorb into your skin.

4. Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

I have to wear a different deodorant depending on what I’m wearing. I notice my Soapwalla and Meow Meow Tweet can show up in delicate fabrics like silk so this is where the Weleda deodorant comes in. I’ve already repurchased this in the Citrus scent which is fresh and lemon scented. I love the ease of just throwing this in my bag and being able to just spray it on versus using a cream which I have to apply with my fingers.

5. La Bella Figura Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment

I originally used this along with Fig Renewal Serum and I wasn’t really impressed but I continued to use them both (together) hoping the results would come. It wasn’t until I stopped using the Fig Renewal Serum that I fell in love with this treatment. To be honest I still haven’t found a night time treatment as effective as Estee Lauder’s Night Repair but this comes close. Together with the Jardin de Fleurs my skin feels hydrated and firm when I wake up in the morning. I would repurchase this but haven’t as I’m experimenting with a few other treatments by Odacite at the moment.

6. RMS Un Cover Up in 11

I’m shocked I didn’t finish this sooner but this was one of the first make up products I bought when I went green. This is a dream for anyone with dry skin. I used it as both a concealer and foundation with a bit of RMS Un Powder overtop to set. I’ve already repurchased it since it’s one of my most used makeup products.

If you are thinking of switching over your makeup I really recommend starting with a brand like RMS. Their products are so multipurpose and nurturing, they really feel like pigmented skincare.

That’s all for now! What did everyone finish up last month?

xo Yumi Rae

May 2015 Empties